Aaron Rodgers: A Listing of Girlfriends and Rumored Relationships

Aaron Rodgers: A Listing of Girlfriends and Rumored Relationships

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Everybody knows Aaron Rodgers is incredibly good in the industry. He’s 2 MVP honors and is an 8 time Pro Bowler. He has got been the Green Bay Packers‘ starting quarterback since 2008 and speaking any longer about their achievements to persuade you of just just how brilliant a footballer he could be, could very well be unnecessary and redundant.

Although we understand too well of their dexterity for a soccer industry, we don’t understand much about their individual life. That’s mostly because he loves to keep things personal and does not enjoy paparazzi peeking into their life.

That has Aaron Rodgers dated up to now?

Aaron Rodgers started their career that is professional in after being drafted because of the Packers. Ever since then, he’s got dated a serious women that are few from models to battle vehicle motorists. He could be rumored to own dated Julie Henderson for a brief whilst in 2009. Henderson is a model recognized on her appearances when you look at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit problem. She was known as “Overall Professional Female type of the 12 months in 2002” by the Modeling Association of America. Nonetheless, this connection ended up being never ever verified.

Rodgers presumably additionally dated TV and sportscaster character, Erin Andrews this year. The couple had been evidently together as soon as the quarterback won their first and just Super Bowl (to date). Andrews had been a reporter for ESPN in those days and it is now a co-host on “ Dancing using the Stars “. Continue reading “Aaron Rodgers: A Listing of Girlfriends and Rumored Relationships”